Mikael Börjesson, André Bryntesson and Ashley Haru make up the permanent staff of the centre.

Scientific leader

Mikael Börjesson portrait

Mikael Börjesson

Mikael Börjesson, Professor in Sociology of Education, acts as the scientific leader for SIHE.

His main research interests are educational fields, the modern history of higher education, elites and elite formation, transnational education strategies, the internatinalisation of higher education and application of Geometric Data Analysis (GDA).

Research assistant

André Bryntesson portrait

André Bryntesson

André Bryntesson conducts and assists research and analysis at SIHE.

He has a background in Political Science, holds a teacher's degree for upper secondary school and has been involved in several projects on the internationalisation of higher education, student mobility and tuition fees - topics he has also taught in the international master programme in Sociology of Education.


Ashley Haru portrait

Ashley Haru

Ashley Haru acts as coordinator at SIHE and also assists with analysis and research.

She holds a master degree in Sociology of Education and has a background in Gender Studies and East Asian Studies. She also acts as a coordinator for the international master programme in Sociology of Education.


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Associate Researchers

Dag Blanck, Professor in North American Studies
​Donald Broady, Senior Professor in Sociology
​Astrid Collisöö, PhD Student in Sociology of Education
Tina Hedmo, Lecturer and Associate Professor in Business Administration
Emma Laurin, PhD Student in Sociology of Education
Ida Lidegran, Lecturer in Sociology of Education 
​Linda Wedlin, Professor in Business Administration
Ola Winberg, Lecturer, PhD in History
Andreas Åkerlund, Lecturer in History
Mette Ginnerskov Dahlberg, visiting PhD Student

Reference Group

Dag Blanck, Professor in North American Studies, Uppsala University
​Anders Ahlstrand, Swedish Council for Higher Education
​Erika Dabhilkar, Branch Head for the International Office, Uppsala University
​Lars Engwall, Senior Professor in Business Administration, Uppsala University
​Monika Wirkkala, Swedish Institute