The project emphasizes a phenomenon-based inquiry approach. In practice, this is materialized through two main methods:

  1. Action research will be the main vehicle engaging the student teachers in inquiry-based and developmental work at schools.
  2. Master’s thesis seminars, other courses in which students engage in writing projects, and practice teaching will provide the study contexts for implementing action research in a safe, guided and scaffolded learning environment.

There will be three types of activities carried out within the project.

School projects

School projects help future teachers to implement an inquiring approach in their work. The experiences they get through this strategic partnership will provide a model for how to implement the role of the inquiring teacher in everyday life at school.

Training on methods in teacher education

Training includes the development of innovative international seminars for student teachers and in-service training for teachers at school (cooperating teachers) and university-based teacher educators. These are taking place through face to face meetings and through web-based environments and digital media. 

Teaching and learning materials

Within the project, teaching and learning materials for the relevant target groups, i.e. primary student teachers, academic staff, and in-service teachers, will be created. 

Developing Primary Teacher Eduction Research
Developing Primary Teacher Education Research

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Last modified: 2023-11-23