2nd Transnational meeting


January 30-31, 2020 in Uppsala 

Discussion on project management in the international planning group.

Purpose and Aims for Short Staff Training Event

The theme of the joint staff training event is to collaborate on the first intellectual output, “Digital collection of concepts and models on innovative practices in primary teacher education” (IO1).

Practical Information


Department of Education, Campus Blåsenhus, Uppsala University. Address: von Kraemers Allé 1, Uppsala.


Linn Areskoug, linn.areskoug@edu.uu.se, +46 704 83 49 42.

List of participants

Uppsala University

Linn Areskoug linn.areskoug@edu.uu.se
Carina Skeri carina.skeri@edu.uu.se
Pia Eriksson pia.eriksson@edu.uu.se
Peter Bernhardsson peter.bernhardsson@edu.uu.se
Rickard Vesterberg rickard.vesterberg@edu.uu.se
Anna Kahlbom anna.kahlbom@edu.uu.se
Katarina Gahne katarina.gahne@edu.uu.se
Andrea Dahlkild andrea.dahlkild@forumforsamverkan.uu.se

Tallinn University

Inge Timoštšuk inge.timostsuk@tlu.ee
Anne-Mai Näkk anne-mai.nakk@tlu.ee
Helene Uppin helene.uppin@tlu.ee
Tähti Siinmaa tahti.siinmaa@tlu.ee
Anne Uusen anne.uusen@tlu.ee
Laura Gerassimova
Julia Davõdova

University of Helsinki

Erika Löfström erika.lofstrom@helsinki.fi
Solveig Corner solveig.corner@helsinki.fi
Simona Savin-Gardberg simona.savin-gardberg@helsinki.fi

Preliminary Program

Monday 27th

Approx. 12.00–13.00 Arrival at train station and check in
at hotel.

13.15–15.00 Session 1 (introductions etc.). With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, The Learning Lab
Adress: von Kraemers allé 1A, 752 37, Uppsala
Presentation about our different contexts, teacher ed. programs etc
The project is serving sallads for lunch during the session.

15.00–15.30 Fika (coffee break)

15.30–17.00 Session 2. With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, The Learning Lab
Discussion on the concept of “innovation” and “innovative practice”.  Uploaded texts as a point of departure for discussion among staff. 
Students will think from the student perspective on the topics of the  session.

17.00–17.15 Fika (coffee break)

17.15–18.00 Session 3. Without students.
Campus Blåsenhus, The Learning Lab
Overview of platforms at each university.
Target groups, disclaimers and other technical details. Technician Andrea Dahlkild at UU will also be present.

18.30 Welcome Dinner and informal talk
Lilla Matsalen, Campus Blåsenhus, room 21:137.
Presentation and discussion with, Faculty Coordinator of The Practicum Courses and Partner Schools Karin Lemming Sandrup. 
The hosts of the visit to Gottsundaskolan will also be present.

Tuesday 28th

08.00–12.00 School visit at Gottsundaskolan 
Adress: Valthornsvägen 17, 756 50 Uppsala
(Info about local transportation and departure from hotel will come later.)

09.10–10.05, English grade 7.
Host: Teacher Ann-Charlotte Svedberg. We will meet our host at the right entrance at 09.00.

11.05–11.55, Swedish as a second language. 
Host: Teacher Emma Bastin.

12.00–13.00 Lunch on your own

13.15–15.00 Session 4. With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, room 13:136.
Debriefing school visit.
In connection to innovative practices in teacher education

15.00–17.00 Walk through Segerstedhuset (The New Administration Building) and Uppsala City Tour, Dinner on your own

Wednesday 29th

09.30–10.20, 10.20-11.10 School visit at Sverkerskolan. Walk from
hotel at 09.00 am.

Addess: Sysslomansgatan 34, 752 27, Uppsala
English Class, grade 3. Same lesson two times but with two different groups.
Host: Cooperating teacher Kristina Petersson.

11.30–12.45 Lunch on your own

13.00–15.00 Session 5. With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, room 13:136.
Democracy Work and extra-mural teaching and learning. The Peace
Museum (Fredens hus) at Uppsala Castle.

Presentation by the instructor and pedagogue at the museum:
Antonio Basala.

15.15–16.00 Session 6. With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, room 13:136.
Thinking outside the Box: Experiences of extramural learning in the  Diversity courses in teacher education at Uppsala University.
Teacher educator Linn Areskoug.

16.00 Time on your own to discover Uppsala

18.30 Farewell Dinner at Restaurant Iberico.
Address: Fyristorg 8, Uppsala

Thursday 30th

09.15–12.00 Session 6. Closing session. With students.
Campus Blåsenhus, room 13:136.
Seminar about partner school collaboration in Uppsala.
Practicum coordinator Rickard Vesterberg, 
Summarizing the joint staff training event.
Agenda for the time between January and April.

12.00–13.00 Lunch on your own

13.15–17.30 Transnational meeting 2, part 1
Campus Blåsenhus, room 13:136.
Linn, Anne-Mai, Inge, and Erika.

Friday 31st

09.15–11.00 Transnational meeting 2, part 2, at the hotel.

11.00 Departure from hotel to train station.
Linn will drive the group to the train station.

14.00 Flight leaves for Tallinn

All events

Developing Primary Teacher Eduction Research
Developing Primary Teacher Education Research

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