2nd Joint Staff Training Event on Action Research (IO2)


April 27-29, 2020 in Uppsala

Purpose and Aims for Short Staff Training

The theme of the joint staff training event is to collaborate on the second intellectual output, “Framework to support student teacher as an inquiring practitioner in primary teacher education” (IO2).

Practical Information

All sessions will be on zoom. 


Monday 27th

09.15–09.30 Session 1 (all together on zoom)
Welcome and introductions!
Agenda of the 1st day.
Events in fall 2020.

09.30–10.00 Session 2 (all together on zoom)
The concept and practice of action research

10.15–11.00 Session 3 (national teams in break out rooms on zoom)
Discussion of the guide in the national teams:
How can we use this guide in our local contexts?
Practical implementations?

11.15–12.00 Session 4 (all together on zoom)
Discussion of the implementation of the guide.

Tuesday 28th

09.15–10.00 Session 5 (all together on zoom)
Good morning!
Agenda of the 2nd day. Launch of the webpage, feedback and first ideas on who to integrate the action research guide into the website.

10.15–11.00 Session 6 (all together on zoom)
Examples of Practicum assignments from all partners.

11.15–11.45 Session 7 (international teams in breakout rooms on zoom)
Identifying problems of practice: 
How could we extract action research from the
Practicum assignments? Theoretical, methodological, and practical implications?

11.45–12.00 Session 8 (all together on zoom)
Joint discussion on ideas for student action research on problems of practice.

12.00–12.30 Session 9 (all together on zoom)
Discussion of upcoming activities, Joint Staff
Training Event in Helsinki in September.

Wednesday 29th

Discussions in national teams.


Uppsala University

Linn Areskoug, linn.areskoug@edu.uu.se
Carina Skeri, carina.skeri@edu.uu.se
Pia Eriksson, pia.eriksson@edu.uu.se
Peter Bernhardsson, peter.bernhardsson@edu.uu.se
Anna Kahlbom, anna.kahlbom@edu.uu.se

Tallinn University

Inge Timoštšuk, inge.timostsuk@tlu.ee
Anne-Mai Näkk, anne-mai.nakk@tlu.ee
Helene Uppin, helene.uppin@tlu.ee
Tähti Siinmaa, tahti.siinmaa@tlu.ee
Anne Uusen, anne.uusen@tlu.ee

University of Helsinki

Erika Löfström, erika.lofstrom@helsinki.fi
Solveig Corner, solveig.corner@helsinki.fi
Simona Savin-Gardberg, simona.savin-gardberg@helsinki.fi
Hannele Pitkänen, hannele.pitkanen@helsinki.fi

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Developing Primary Teacher Education Research

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