Intellectual Output 5: Open learning environments, engagement support

Joint Staff Training Event 5 in Tallinn, September 13-15, 2021

Phenomenon-based and subject integrative teaching and learning often seeks to identify new ways of utilising existing learning environments or identifying ways in which to broaden conceptions of learning environment. Pre-service teachers should experience as well as have opportunities to critically reflect on teaching and learning in diverse learning environments during their teacher training.

The teaching task “Engagement across Learning Environments” is developed within the DePTER-project partnership and involves outreach activities with schools. The teaching task illustrates an example of the workflow in fall 2021. Adjustments to fit other contexts is advised. 

Teaching task “Engagement across Learning Environments” 

Introductory mini-lecture 1, by Helene Uppin:

This video explains why you should take your students out-side from your classroom and how to create meaningful learning activities in out-of-classroom learning environments. This video was filmed by Tarmo Lehari at the Fat Margaret museum and visitor centre of Estonian Maritime Museum. References and information about the presentation can be found below the film.

Introductory mini-lecture 1, “Why should you learn outside the classroom”, by Helene Uppin, (11.36 min.)

Introductory mini-lecture 2, by Anne-Mai Näkk:

This video explains various aspects of learning engagement (behavioural, emotional, cognitive, and social), risks, and tips to support learning engagement. References to research can be found towards the end of the film.

Introductory mini-lecture 2, “Learning Engagement: What is it, why, and how should you support it?”, by Anne-Mai Näkk, (12.07 min). 

The digital resource "Experiential learning in an open learning environment" can be found in "Inspiration for teachers".

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Developing Primary Teacher Education Research

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