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Pädagogische Hochschule Wien

The University College of Teacher Education Vienna puts great effort into making the teaching profession its focal point. Education, Training and Continuing Professional Development, in conjunction with Research ensure that the demands of the teaching profession and other related educational professional fields are met in a sustained manner. These efforts require education to be based on educational science, teaching methodology, subject didactics and teaching practice. The exceptionally high strength of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna lies in the confluence of research-based educational competencies in all educational fields and across all age groups, which are strongly embedded in professional practice.

There is experience in the field of mother tongue teaching in form of a curriculum for mother tongue teachers employed at the board of Vienna and all federal states of Austria. We are also researching the different L1 of our students who are studying in our institution and working on a three years research with about 2000 filled in questionnaires (students and staff). The training of students and teachers in the field of German as a second language started on the basis of a new established curriculum in October 2017. Having finished two ERASMUS-KA2-projects -  LinguaInclusion (co-ordinated by EURAC-Bolzano/Italy - 2010) and AMuSE (co-ordinated by EURAC-Bolzano/Italy - 2013), we know much about dealing with diversity in general, especially in the fields of bilingual education, language acquisition and about building bridges and how to reduce barriers between social - lingual - cultural - ethnological walls viewing integration concerning newcomers, esp. young children.

At our institution, we established the center "KoMMM”,  a competence center for Multilingualism Migration and Human Rights. Furthermore we organize seminars for mono- and multilingual in-service teachers in primary and secondary education: "German as Second Language in Primary Education" (20 ECTS), "Teaching L1: Mother tongue teaching in primary and secondary education" (30 ECTS).

Team members

Rainer Hawlik, Senior Lecturer 
Martina Sturm, Lecturer 
Pädagogische Hochschule Wien 

The Kindergarten as a Factor of Inclusion for Migrant Children and their Families

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
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