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The heartspace Journal and the heartspace Sharing Book are new pedagogic materials for professionals working in Early Years Education – and the families you work with. 
Use the Journal as personal or team professional development to build on and develop inclusive practice in a manageable and meaningful way.
Use the Sharing Book to give the children and families in your preschool community a simple but opportunity-rich tool for communicating, connecting and participating.

Right now we need more testers for our materials – whether you want to test the entire pedagogic kit, or just the parts that work for you, we’d love to hear from you!
Contact the Kindinmi team to receive the heartspace materials, and let us know what you think!

Heartspace Pedagogic kit

The "Heartspace pedagogic kit" developed by the KINDINMI project consists in two parts connected with each other which can be used independently.

The “Heartspace journal”, of which we offer here a sample, is in the first hand intended for preschool staff, but can be useful for other actors involved with preschool education.

It’s a space for early years educators where to reflect and share with the aim of creating early learning and childcare settings where every child and their family know that they are valued. Along with some definitions about migration and inclusion and practical examples to compare with the own practice and reflect about, we provide activities leading to how can we create space for:

  • migration
  • situation
  • representation
  • communication
  • connection

This material will be regularly updated and is available on request, just write to us.

The “Heartspace sharing book”, is a very simple book in the form of a PowerPoint document, with incitement to multimodal, multilingual activities and meant to wander between children, preschool, families. We wanted to make sure that everyone in the preschool, a community made of the people who work here, the children who go there, and the people who are important to the children know they have a special place. We think it is important to explore:

  • where we come from
  • how we live
  • who we are
  • how we can take part
  • the ways we communicate
  • the connections we make

The Heartspace sharing book contains little text, and is easy to translate in any other language. 

Example, Sharing book, English
Example, Sharing book, Swedish

This material will also be regularly updated. If you wish to get this material or know more about how to use it, please contact us.

The Kindergarten as a Factor of Inclusion for Migrant Children and their Families

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Last modified: 2024-02-29