Announcements concerning admission to the PhD programme will be published at Uppsala University website.

Applicants are usually admitted to the programme once a year.

The applications are assessed by a group of senior researchers from each discipline who rank the applicants in order of the quality of their previous work and their research plan for the dissertation, as well as of their estimated capacity of accomplishing the PhD programme. Applicants are admitted to the PhD programme by the Head of Department under delegation from the Faculty Board.

There are no study fees at the level of the doctoral programme. However, students can only be admitted to the PhD programme if funding for their studies is guaranteed for the whole four-year period.

For the majority of doctoral students, funding is provided by the Faculty of Education in the form of employment during the study period. In rare cases, admitted students can have so-called external funding (e.g. through a research project, an employer outside of the university or another research body). Private funding, e.g. through work, parents or relatives is not accepted.

Last modified: 2023-11-23