Application Procedure

If you are nominated by your home university to study at the Department of Education you have to follow this procedure to get admitted.

Nominations is still sent by e-mail from your home university.

You will receive an "Information Letter/Admission Letter" in November (for spring semester) or June (for autumn semester).

The Application is now an on-line application. It is important that you fill in that you are Department co-ordinated student.

  1. The on-line Application is open September 15 – October 15 (Spring)/March 15 – April 15 (Autumn).
    On-line application form
  2. The on-line Application form for accommodation is open November 15 – November 30 (Spring)/ May 15  – May 31 (Autumn).
    (the link will be sent to nominated students just some days before November 15/ May 31)

The upcoming fall is approaching us and we have a record low number of available student rooms. The housing situation in general in Uppsala has become quite severe over the past few years. Great efforts have been taken to increase the number of rooms but we can now determine that any of those solutions will take too long to relieve this difficult situation. For the upcoming semester we will no longer be able to guarantee housing accommodations for all exchange students.

Last modified: 2023-11-23