About the network NNTE

The network NNTE (Nordplus Network Teacher Education) recognizes that teachers and educators have a central role in communicating knowledge and spreading the ideas of social justice, diversity, understanding and inclusion in society and between cultures. The network will also focus on leadership in the classroom. How do we educate our students to become good teachers in the classrooms in the Nordic and Baltic countries? As the world around us becomes more and more digitalized we also need to understand the young generation and how important this world is for them. As we can also use these new technologies to teach in a more effective way, teachers today need to be updated and familiar with digital technology.

The Network’s aim is to constantly develop and keep a well-functioning cooperation between teacher institutions in the Baltic-Nordic region with a focus on developing mutual understanding between cultures and sharing knowledge within the area of teacher education. The following countries are represented: Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden. The network promotes student and teacher mobility as key activities by which the students and teachers get an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the member institutions and the Nordic and Baltic societies in general, to extend a multicultural and multilingual orientation, as well as to develop their professional competences as (future) teachers and educators. In the project year 2019, the project will focus on the topics education for all, leadership in the classroom and digitalization in schools as the three topics that will be recognized as key topics in teacher education by all partner institutions.

Last modified: 2023-11-23