Intensive Course 2010


The Intensive Course aims to challenge the traditional understanding of why, what, who and how one can learn; in what frames or settings it can be done, therefore main parts of thiscourse will take place outside the traditional nursery, school, adult education settings or other institutions.
The new settings could be:

  • Informal environments: outside school and educational institutions
  • Cultural organisations
  • Outdoor environments
  • Urban areas
  • Different places in the school but the classrooms.


The Intensive Course was divided into three parts:

Part 1

Introductions to the theory on why and how to work with inclusion; work in workshops and groups preparing e-learning based tasks for the second andthird part of the course (week 41, 2010 (7 working days), fixed place of stay- University of Latvia). See examples of teachers presentations:

Part 2

E-learning based work in the international groups at home institution with the counselling of teachers (weeks 42-47, 2010)

Part 3

Presentations of learning portfolios; carrying out the organised lessons in new learningsettings (week 48, 2010 (6 working days), fixed place of stay, University CollegeLillebaelt, Teacher Education Funen


This several weeks course resulted fine students’ works and presentations which were evaluated by co-students, teachers and guest-teachers. These presentations are also used as working material for students work as teachers and being presented for co-students at home institutions.

Last modified: 2023-11-23