The primary objective of the 2011 intensive course was to develop among the participating students an understanding of and knowledge about how to organize teaching and learning processes in order that pupils and learners in general and of different abilities and capabilities can learn inclusively looking at the environment as a valuable partner. It is the wish of the network that the environment is incorporated explicitly as an active element in inclusive education.

This Intensive Course awarded 7 ECTS points.

The intensive course 2011 has worked within the following headings:

  • Developing participating students’ competences in working with pupils and other learners affected by social in and exclusion
  • Developing participating students’ competences in facilitating cooperation between the educational institution and the local
  • community to promote inclusion (parents, guardians, social workers, etc.)
  • How to adapt the learning environment to the pupil/learner
  • How to facilitate and support the individual in his/her inclusion


The course was organised as a combination of short lectures/presentations of a theme/problem/theory and group work during which the students in international groups work with the outset in the presentations.

The framework of the course and the internal cooperation among the lecturers should reflect inclusive education. Lecturers have offered a fitting number of thematic headings which the groups will work with.

Participating students were organised into international groups so each group has members from each participating institution. Each group has selected a theme under the offered headings to explore and to plan their lessons within. Each group has presented and carried out their suggestion for inclusive education as a group. The teaching subjects of the students could be a random subject (language, math, pe, etc.). The intention was to develop a creative learning process with the outset in the key terms (inclusion and environment) and with relevance to subjects significant for the participating students

Students presentations/final works

Storyline - Caught in a phenomenon

Prepared by Mariah Johansson (Sweden), Dennis Kildegaard (Denmark), Toma Cekanskaite (Lithuania) and Anete Truba (Latvia)

Digital tools and inclusive education

Prepared by Lars Bo Christiansen (Denmark), Linards Kumskis (Latvia), Olaf Alexander Tollefsen (Norway), Hege Volden (Norway), Sarune Zabitaite (Latvia)

Value and Ethics

Prepared by Meeri Pussinen (Finland), Kim Söhr-Hertz (Sweden), Dana Berga (Latvia), Maria Bue Rasmussen (Denmark), Einar Jaconsen (Norway)

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