CSEI 2014

The intensive course ‘Comparative Studies in Education with a Focus on Inclusion in a Baltic-Nordic Context (CSEI)’ represents the cooperation between several Baltic and Nordic institutions of higher education in addressing inclusion from an educational point of view. The course has been carried out for a second time in autumn 2014 (academic year 2014-15).

The intensive course 2014 has addressed comparative studies in education in a broad context in connection with inclusive education, and the two aspects are seen in the perspective of life-long learning – in formal and non-formal contexts.

The intensive course worked within the following headings:

  • Developing participating students’ professional competences for organising teaching and learning processes in order that pupils and learners in general and of different abilities and capabilities can learn inclusively
  • Deepening the students’ intercultural and multilingual orientation
  • Strengthening the students’ abilities to look into different age-groups, subjects, areas, cultural settings
  • Developing the students’ skills in producing their own examples of activities for an ‘inclusive practice’
  • Allowing participating students to compare and reflect on own and other educational systems and practices
  • Encouraging the students in their work with carrying out a little comparative survey and a presentation of their thoughts on inclusion in different cultural settings, and good practices in the chosen field

This Intensive Course has awarded 7 ECTS points.

Participants of the course

University College Lillebaelt, Denmark
University College Syddanmark, Denmark
University of Helsinki, Finland
Latvia University, Latvia
Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania
Oslo and Akerhus University College, Norway
Uppsala University/Campus Gotland, Sweden

Each country was represented by 1-2 teachers and 2-5 students

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