Bokcirkel 2020

Reading Circle for teachers of English, spring term 2020

Welcome to the Reading Circle! The idea is that teachers of English read some relevant contemporary novels over one term and meet once a month to discuss the books. There will be two themes this term: Contemporary American Fiction and Northern Ireland. Both themes are connected to other professional development activities which we offer this year.

The meetings will take place at Uppsala University, Campus Blåsenhus on Mondays 17.30 – 19.15.

Overview of meetings and books which will be discussed:

Monday 27 January: Introduction via e-mail

Monday 24 February: Contemporary American Fiction: When Mystical Creatures Attack!, Kathleen Founds (2014) 206 p.

Monday 30 March: Contemporary American Fiction: Do Not Go On, Bryan Furuness (2019) 300 p.

Monday 27 April: Northern Ireland: Milkman, Anna Burns (2018) 368 p.

Monday 25 May: Northern Ireland: Where Are We Now?, Glenn Patterson (2020) 256 p.

Information om bokcirkeln

Plats: Blåsenhus, Uppsala universitet

Tid: Måndagar 17:30-19:15 (se planering)

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