NordStep, Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy

In 2015 the release of the Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy, NordSTEP was announced. The journal is published online, fully open access, and follows a peer review process.

The journal examines theories on educational policy, as well as policy and evaluation analyses from different points of view. In particular historical and comparative studies are welcome. The journal examines the relationship between educational policy, educational practice and educational sciences.

As an open access online journal NordSTEP will publish high quality articles with open access for all readers. Our processes enable fast publishing of the most recent research outcomes in our field.

If you want to follow and support the work of NordSTEP, please register here (or on the website) as a reader for frequent information about new numbers.

Daniel Pettersson, Petter Aasen, Ning de Coninck-Smith, Eva Forsberg, Fritjof Sahlström
Editors of NordSTEP

Senast uppdaterad: 2023-11-23