Den högre utbildningen som forskningsobjekt (HERO)

Givet den högre utbildningens enorma expansion under det senaste halvseklet och dess ökade strategiska betydelse för samhället i stort är det både förvånande och anmärkningsvärt att så lite forskning ägnas åt området i Sverige. Uppsala universitet utgör dock ett undantag. I dagsläget bedrivs omfattande forskning om den högre utbildningens organisation inom företagsekonomin, om dess sociala struktur inom utbildningssociologin, om universitetet som idé inom filosofi och idé-och lärdomshistoria, om högskolesektorns styrning inom statsvetenskap och så vidare.

Den högre utbildningen som forskningsobjekt (HERO) är ett mångvetenskapligt forskningsnätverk vid Uppsala universitet som ämnar förstärka denna mångfacetterade forskning ytterligare genom en serie initiativ innefattande en gemensam seminarieserie, doktorandinternat samt forskningsworkshopar. Genom en mer frekvent samverkan mellan de ingående miljöerna är ambitionen att Uppsala universitet ska bli en central internationell nod för forskning om högre utbildning.

HERO finansieras av CIRCUS – Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society och Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudierOm du vill få kontinuerlig information om nätverkets aktiviteter, kontakta Johan Boberg.

Uppskjuten till 11–13 november

Academia Europaea HERCulES Symposium:
The Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions

During the past thirty years or so, the internationalization of higher education institutions has become a very significant issue on the agenda for policy-makers, academic leaders and researchers. Against this backdrop, it is timely to look closer at the conditions for internationalization and its effects. In so doing, the symposium will address questions such as the role of universities in a global world, international rankings, the mobility of ideas and students, costs and returns in internationalization as well as international branch campuses. An expert panel discussion will conclude the symposium, which is an Academia Europaea HERCulES event.

Lokal: Humanistiska teatern.

Till följd av coronaviruset har konferensen skjutits upp till 11–13 november, 2020.

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Anordnas av The Academia Europaea HERCulES group, HERO – Higher Education as Research Object, och SIHE – The Swedish Centre for Studies of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, med finansiellt stöd från Åke Wiberg Foundation och Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudier.

19–20 Oktober

Konferens: "Universities under Siege?"

”The crisis of the university” is a familiar topos in contemporary discussions about higher education. It is said that the University is facing untold threats from, inter alia, the anti-intellectualism of populist politicians and authoritarian regimes, the commodification of knowledge resulting from neo-liberal ideas about utility and international competition, the politicization of teaching and learning arising out of identity movements, the fragmenting of the university in response to stakeholder demands, and so forth.

This conference poses the question: Is this really the case? And, if so, what exactly is being threatened?

The aim of the meeting is to take a serious look at what is ultimately at stake, among other things, by examining the roots of these developments in terms of our conceptions of what is useful knowledge, why it is desirable and what is required to establish, maintain and develop it through our institutions of higher education.

You are invited to submit an abstract outlining in brief your analysis of the central problems confronting the university today. Examples of topics that may be relevant include the casualization of faculty, the rising costs of higher education, limitations on academic freedom, internationalization, digitalization, and student employability. We welcome contributions from all disciplines.

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Anordnas av HERO i samarbete med The Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES) och Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society.