Civics Education Design Lab (CEDEL)

The research group Civics Education Design Lab (CEDEL) carries out research with a special focus on design for teaching and learning about society, democracy and human rights. The research group examines global citizenship education from several perspectives. For example, CEDELs researchers examine students' knowledge, skills and attitudes in relation to theories of human rights education, peace education and education for sustainable development. For example, through analysis of international large-scale assessments tests, we examine how intercultural competence can be measured in different ways. We also conduct classroom-based research to better understand how different types of instructional design can stimulate students' critical thinking and digital civic literacy.

We see global citizenship education as an umbrella concept covering all the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for citizens in a global world. The research environment uses a mix of methods to better understand, for example, the effects of teaching on students' learning in civics related to global challenges to democracy and human rights. Quasi-experimental design studies are used to better understand how different models can be used to stimulate learning in social studies and promote digital literacy. For instance, serious games with eye-tracking and experimental methods are used to stimulate and develop students' multi-perspectivity in a digital world of misinformation.

Participating researchers

Thomas Nygren (contact person), Stefan BengtssonMaria RasmussonMalin TvärånaCarl-Anton Werner AxelssonEvgeniia EfimovaMarkus Al-Afifi NorbergVirginia Beramendi HeineOlle Nolgård

Current projects

  • GÄCKA Generella och ämnesspecifika arbetssätt för digital källkritik i samhällskunskap, historia, biologi, psykologi och fotografisk bild
  • Nyhetsvärderaren
  • SEGA:D Serious educational games against disinformation
  • Studenters förmågor, tänkande, attityder och demokratiska ideal i en värld av falska nyheter

Networks and collaborations

  • Stockholm Teaching & Learning Studies (STLS)
  • MDU School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
  • The Game School INN
  • Cambridge Social Decision-Making Laboratory
  • Stanford History and Education Group
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Last modified: 2023-02-15