SEGA:D - Serious educational games against disinformation

The project aims to create new insights, methods, and openings in the use of serious games against disinformation and to foster the ability of young citizens to navigate complex digital environments saturated with disinformation. Current research underlines the importance of educational efforts implementing engaging interventions in digital ecologies where young people often encounter misleading and false information.

The project incorporates collaboration between researchers working within the field of game design, VR, and mobile devices, as well as experts in human-computer interaction, and educational science. We have begun creating digital environments to explore the potential of game-, and social media technologies to teach the ability to distinguish between accurate and misleading information. A further aim is to foster multiperspectivity, open-mindedness and acceptance of complexity, with the ability to assess complex and contested social issues without simple solutions. 

With the support from the Psychological Defence Agency.

Participating researchers

Thomas NygrenHelen MelanderCarl-Anton Werner AxelssonJimi Charlie TornbergSteven Bachelder

Networks and collaborations

  • MDU School of Innovation, Design and Engineering
  • The Game School INN
  • Cambridge Social Decision-Making Laboratory
  • Stanford History and Education Group
Last modified: 2023-11-23