Mathematics Education

Mathematics teaching

Research in mathematics education is about the content and methods of mathematics teaching. The common denominator of the group working in this field at Uppsala is the different types of texts used in mathematics teaching. We work with policy documents, teaching materials, national/international tests; contemporary as well as historic texts. The questions we deal with concern the content of these texts, how they have been selected (present/past), how basic mathematical concepts have changed and also the linguistic structure and how the students react to the texts.

The group collaborates with a number of the department’s other research environments, such as STOLP and the group for the history and sociology of education. The department offers several cross-boundary seminars.

The group's intention is to expand its activities with new issues, materials and methods that complement current research. This means, among other things, a continued exchange with other universities both nationally and internationally in the form of visiting researchers and guest lecturers.

Several members of the group are also involved in various development projects such as the development of educational materials and improving teacher competencies. 

Mathmatics Teaching Seminar

Held on certain Tuesdays between 10 am and midday. Please contact Kajsa Bråting for more information. 

Last modified: 2022-12-23