Student-student interaction in the mathematics classroom

Hanna Fredriksdotter

I have a Bachelor of Education for the Compulsory School, from Uppsala University, specializing in Mathematics and Science Studies for the school years 4-9. In addition, I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Special Needs Training, specializing in Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in Special Needs Education, from Mälardalen University. During my years as a teacher in the compulsory school I became increasingly interested in using small group collaboration as a method – and since I was admitted to my Doctoral Studies in 2019 I have been able to focus on issues concerning students’ collaboration in the mathematics classroom.

Previous research (for instance within the field of cooperative learning) has shown that collaboration is generally beneficial for students’ learning, and for their attitude towards the subject. The overall aim of my project is to contribute to increased knowledge of student-student interaction during collaborative work on mathematical problem solving. I analyse video recordings of work in dyads and small groups, which took place during lessons in mathematics in grade 6; I use methods in line with principles for qualitative content analysis and multimodal interaction analysis.

Last modified: 2023-11-23