Social Sciences and Humanities Education (ÄDISH)

Photo: Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Teaching and learning geography, history, social studies and religion at all school levels is at the heart of the research conducted in ÄDISH. For example, the group sttudy what is important and difficult for students to learn in the different subjects and how education can be designed to support students' learning. The research is based on a variety of theories and methods in order to contribute with knowledge about the complexity that characterizes teaching and learning in the social sciences and humanities. The studies carried out can be subject-specific with direct links to the school subjects and more interdisciplinary with a focus on issues such as justice, sustainability, diversity and digital source criticism. The research conducted in the group is relevant especially for future and active teachers in the social studies.  

Participating researchers at the department

Thomas Nygren, professor 
Malin Tväråna, senior lecturer
Robert Thorp, associate professor
Stefan Bengtsson, associate professor
Mattias Arrhenius, assessment designer
Kajsa Kramming, PhD, assessment designer
Olle Nolgård, doctoral student
Olle Uppenberg, doctoral student
Jessica Haltorp, doctoral student
Virginia Beramendi Heine, doktorand
Markus Al-Afifi Norberg, doktorand
Johan Wickström, senior lecturer

Participating researchers at other departments

Malin Löfstedt, associate professor, senior lecturer
Anna Wrammert, lecturer 


The group has open seminars once a month. For more information please contact Thomas Nygren

Last modified: 2023-11-23