Education innovation

TePlab researchers are engaged in several education innovation initiatives that involve co-creative collaboration between didactic researchers, teachers, NGOs, government agencies, businesses, etc. Some examples:

  • We developed a methodology for co-producing education innovation in close collaboration between didactic researchers and teachers – often also accompanied by content experts and school coaches: Lesson Design Workshops. This methodology is applied in several research and development projects such as SEAS, ‘Didactic models and learning study’, ‘Open schooling for sustainable cities and communities’, and TRANSPOSE.
  • In the context of the European University Network ENLIGHT, TePlab researchers are involved in several initiatives to collaborate with university lecturers and develop tools and workshops for implementing challenge-based education.

In the Belgian project ‘Climate change in higher education’ we translated our research results as well as the experiences and teaching practices of teachers in 15 case studies into an "inspiration guide" for educators (in Dutch). 

  • Together with partners from NGOs, teacher training institutions, government agencies, etc. we are exploring possibilities for creating long-term partnerships for transdisciplinary collaboration on education innovation, particularly in the field of sustainability education. In collaboration between Uppsala University, Ghent University, and the P2P Foundation, for example, we organised a seminar series on ‘Peer-to-peer partnerships for co-creating educational commons’. This is followed by action workshops to turn shared ideas into an action plan.
Last modified: 2023-11-23