Uppsala Studies of History and Education (SHED)

The multidisciplinary research group Uppsala Studies of History and Education (SHED) is united by an interest in history and education within different national, social, cultural, medial and historical settings.

Research in SHED is funded by for instance the Swedish Research Council, Handelsbanken’s Research Foundation, the Bank of Sweden Tercenary Fund and the Wallenberg Foundation.

SHED was formed within a strong tradition in the sociology of education and culture, established by Prof. Donald Broady, and has since the creation of the National Research School in the history of education (2005) grown to become a central Swedish research environment in educational history. SHED is characterized by a high degree of internationalization, manifested in research cooperation with excellent researchers and research institutions, including for instance Prof. Marcelo Caruso (Berlin), Prof. Daniel Lindmark (Umeå), Prof. David Mitch (Maryland), Prof. Sam Wineburg (Stanford), Prof. Merethe Roos (Sørøst-Norge), PhD Ingrid Brühwile (Head of the departement public schools, canton AR, Switzerland), PhD Gabriele Cappelli (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and PhD Christian Larsen (Copenhagen).

SHED has also been the host of several national and international conferences, such as the 4th Nordic Conference on the History of Education (2009), History of Schooling (2011), the 3rd International Conference on the History of Mathematics Education (2013) and the 6th Nordic Conference on the History of Education (2015). In addition, SHED has hosted two honorary doctors at Uppsala University: David Mitch (Maryland, 2013) and Jane Humphries (Oxford, 2016).


SHED is led by a scientific board that consists of members of the research group with permanent teacher or research positions at the Department of Education. In addition, the group also has a number of regular members as well as a number of Senior Advisors and associated members at other universities.


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