Studies on Education, Migration and Segregation (EMS)

Photo: Finn Calander

Education and housing constitute two main pillars in the Swedish welfare society. Individuals with a foreign background – that is, people born in a different country or with parents who have migrated to Sweden – are often faced with greater obstacles when it comes to education and the housing market. Newly arrived migrants are frequently situated in the outskirts of cities and in rural areas with limited labour possibilities. It is far from rare that migrants with significant educational capital from their home countries have difficulties making use of their merits in a Swedish context.    

Many studies deal with questions related to migration and education as well as migration and segregation, however, few studies examine the relation between these three processes. We aim to change that with the research network Studies on Education, Migration and Segregation (EMS). EMS is an interdisciplinary research network located at Uppsala University, which strives to gain a deeper understand of the relation between Education, Migration and Segregation through a series of seminars and research workshops.