Higher Education as Research Object (HERO)

Given the prodigious expansion of higher education during the last haft-century and its heightened strategic importance for society at large, it is quite remarkable that so little research has been devoted to the subject in Sweden. Uppsala University is an exception, where extensive research is currently devoted to the organization of higher education within Business Studies, its social structures within Sociology of Education, the idea of a university within Philosophy and the History of Science and Ideas, the management of the higher education sector within Political Science, etcetera. Higher Education as Research Object (HERO) is a multidisciplinary research network at Uppsala University aiming to further strengthen this multifaceted research through a series of initiatives, including joint seminar series, research workshops, and graduate student colloquia. Through this intensified collaboration between the research environments involved, the ambition is to make Uppsala University a central node internationally for research on higher education.


Academic taxi drivers in a global marketplace
Lars Engwall

"The rhetoric of internationalisation has, to a large extent, been reinforced in recent decades by the development of ranking systems. [...] Although these rankings are often subject to critical questioning, at the end of the day they are taken seriously, leading to the perception that there is a global market for education. [...] [T]his idea is up for debate since the majority of higher education is national, or even local, with graduates going into national, or even local, labour markets. The implication appears to be that leaders of academic institutions – maybe with the exception of those 200 so-called world-class universities – should care much more about their home markets than about global markets and they should reflect much more about their internationalisation strategies."

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University World News, Saturday April 13, 2019.

12 November

Seminarium: Universitetets integritet

Seminarium med professor Gudmund Hernes, ordförande i Uppsala universitets konsistorium, om universitetets integritet.

Lokal: Ej bestämd.

Anordnas av HERO i samarbetet med Företagsekonomiska institutionen.

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