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Education and housing are two foundations in the Swedish welfare society. A group that has found it increasingly difficult to assert themselves in both the school- and the housing market are individuals with a foreign background, that is people who were either born in another country or whose parents immigrated to Sweden. It is not uncommon for people who come to Sweden from other countries to bring significant educational capital with them from their country of origin, but find it difficult to assert it in the Swedish education system or in the Swedish labor market. 

Most studies concern issues of migration and education as well as migration and segregation, but few studies examine how these three societal processes are related to each other. The research network Studies on Education, Migration and Segregation (EMS) is a research network at Uppsala University that brings together researchers and doctoral students from different disciplines and research environments. The network aims to theoretically and methodologically deepen and develop new perspectives on issues concerning these multifaceted societal processes. Overall, the network is a multidisciplinary forum for exchanges and collaborations through a number of different activities such as seminars, workshops and reading circles.

Last modified: 2023-11-23