January 2023

Arts-based Research and Creative Research Methodologies

Dr. Sarah Sartori, Maynooth University, Ireland

Date: January 24, 10.15-12.00

Place: Bertil Hammer-salen, Blåsenhus

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This interactive lecture will explore a range of participatory arts-based research and creative methodologies that Dr Satori has used in her work with LGBTI+ Traveller and Roma, refugees and people in prison, for the purpose of equality and inclusion.

Sarah Sartori is a creative educator, arts-based researcher, and consultant based in Maynooth University in Ireland. She uses participatory methodologies such as peer-research and creative methodologies like film, poetry and Photovoice, to amplify participant voice and to bring research back into the community. You can find more information about Dr. Sartori and her lecture in this pdf-file on the lecture.

The lecture is part of Uppsala University’s ongoing engagement in EIT Culture & Creativity.

Coffee and tea will be served!

A Workshop on Poetic Transcription, Photovoice and Arts-based Research Methodologies

January 25 th, 10am-3pm, CIRCUS*

A workshop on how arts-based research methods can be used to take research outside the academy and into the community for discussion and debate. More information about the workshop can be found in this pdf-file. For those interested in participating in the workshop, you can register now at

*Gamla observatoriet, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8 A

December 2022

Book club

[The book circle is postponed to spring 2023, more information to come]

This semester we will read the book Free Food for Millionaires av Min Jin Lee.

We will meet to discuss the novel in December. Register for this semester’s book club by sending an e-mail to

Read about the book

Book review in NYT

More information will follow for those who register.

October 2022

Spatialities of Uppsala’s upper secondary schools - seminar and vernissage

19 October kl 13.15-18, CIRCUS*

PosterA vernissage of the photo exhibition Spatialities of Uppsala’s upper secondary schools will take place in collaboration with CIRCUS seminar series Interdisciplinary possibilities, practices and challenges – an exploratory seminar series. The seminar, Spatial perspectives – a discussion on the encounter between science and photography, departure from  the photo project and  intend to encourage a joint discussion about possibilities and challenges when combining research with photography.

13.15-15.00 -  Seminar - Spatial perspectives – a discussion on the encounter between science and photography
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15.30-18.00  - Vernissage with refreshments
Registration for the Vernissage:

About the exhibition Spatialities of Uppsala’s upper secondary schools
The network Studies on Education, Migration and Segregation (EMS) aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines to theoretically and methodologically deepen and develop new approaches to joint research interests. A theme within the network is about exploring, via fiction and photography, the possibility of finding new angles to the complex reality we study. As part of this work, a collaboration with the photographer Finn Calander ( was initiated in the spring of 2022 to explore the meeting between science and photography. The collaboration culminated in the exhibition, Spatialities of Uppsala’s upper secondary schools, which portrays Uppsala's upper secondary schools, their architecture and adjacent environments together with students in different contexts. The photographs of the physical environment and students combined with public statistics and sociological analyses, create a picture of different spaces with three dimensions – one physical, one social, and one cultural.

EMS- seminar 

6 October kl 13.15-15, CIRCUS*

Visual methods in research

The seminar departure from the photo project Gymnasieskolans olika rum in order to discuss how to use visual research methods as a way of posing and pursuing research questions. 

*Gamla observatoriet, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8 A

September 2022

EMS- Seminar

21 September kl 13.15-15, CIRCUS*
The seminar is also available via Zoom, for Zoom link contact:

’Peace in Peril? The repolarization of young people’s identity in Northern Ireland’

Recent years in Northern Ireland have seen continued sectarianism unfold. This sectarianism has included violence and tension which impacts upon both the social relationships and identities of young people. Communities in which young people dwell continue to be separated along religious/political lines in terms of schooling, housing, symbols and materially through defensive architecture. Northern Ireland has also witnessed a recent ‘brain drain’ of young people through educational migration due to societal push factors, including poor community relations and a faltering devolved government. Ongoing complications connected to Northern Ireland’s position in a post-Brexit world have intermingled additional polarizing political challenges surrounding contested borders and boundaries. These post-Brexit related border issues place an additional layer of complication in an already complex landscape regarding boundaries. In this environment, some young people are moving towards establishing more severe parameters to their own group identity and a corresponding hardening of opinions towards those perceived to be outsiders in other communities. Through fieldwork material obtained via school-based interviews from both sides of the sectarian divide, this seminar will present perceptions of young people in Northern Ireland during this complicated time.

Presentation of an ongoing study by Dr John Guy Perrem, Associate Professor at The Center for Fundamental Education in Science and Engineering, Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan.

*Gamla observatoriet, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8 A

June 2022

Book circle

Monday June 13th at 16-18

Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart.

Read more about the book

Read more about the book circle

April 2022

Book circle

Friday April 8th at 16-18

Ingenbarnsland by Eija Hetekivi Olssons.

Read more about the book

Read more about the book circle

February 2022

Book circle – Introduction

Wednesday February 16th at 16-18 

Presentation of the book circle. Short presentation by Julie Hansen about readers, reading and the possibilities of fiction. Connecting and talking about culture and research.   

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