Current and future years' Events


20 January
Seminar titled "Massification, Unification, Marketisation, Internationalisation: A Socio-Political History of Higher Education in Sweden 1945–2020", with Mikael Börjesson & Tobias Dalberg.

3 February
Seminar titled "The Decollegialization of the University", with Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg & Johan Boberg.

10 February
Seminar on Moa Lindqvist's dissertation plan, "Striden mellan frihetsivrarna. Den högre utbildningens autonomi och frihet i Sverige 1945–2020".

10 March
Seminar titled "Curricular Blind Spots: How Course Consideration Varies Across Undergraduate Students", with Tobias Dalberg.

21 April
Seminar titled "The persisting social structure of higher education in the context of radical system change and expansion: the Swedish case", with Mikael Börjesson.

26 May
Seminar titled "Anatomy of a practice: determinants and consequences of applications to higher education", with Yann Renisio, Emil Bertilsson & Astrid Collsiöö.

10 June
The higher seminar in sociolofy of history, discussions on text by Viktor Englund & Germund Larsson.


4-6 May
Conference: "Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions". Uppsala universitet. Preliminary dates.

9-10 May
Workshop titled "Field Theory, Globalization and Education". Uppsala universitet.

Past years' Events


27-28 November
Project meeting in Uppsala.

15-16 May
Conference in Uppsala titled "World Class Universities. Styrning av högre utbildning", arranged by HERO.

14 May
Project meeting in Uppsala.

13 May
Lunch discussion with HERO about the STRUT Commission on the governance of higher education.

2-3 May
Doctoral student course titled "Högre utbildning som forskningsobjekt" at Krusenbergs Herrgård, arranged by HERO.

20-22 March
Project meeting in Uppsala.

20 March
Seminar in Uppsala titled "Pågående studier inom forskningsprojektet Svensk högre utbildning (SHEFOE)".


13 December
Workshop in Uppsala on the theme "Högre utbildning som forskningsobjekt", for doctoral students, research assistants and junior researchers, arranged by HERO.

29-30 November
Project workshop in Växjö.

10 October
Presentations by Mikael Börjesson titled "Decollegialisation in the Swedish Field of Higher Education" and by Martin Gustavsson titled "The funding of higher education in an era of rapid expansion. From state regulation to market orientation" at SCORE workshop in Stockholm.

24 September
Workshop on social classification with Emil Bertilsson and Ylva Bergström in Uppsala.

17-21 September
Course in Geometrisc Data Analys at Campus Gotland with Brigitte Le Roux, Philippe Bonnet och Frédéric Lebaron..

12-13 September
Visit by Maggie Leung and Johanna Waters.

28 August
Presentation by Martin Gustavsson at ISCHE Pre-Conference workshop in Berlin titled "The pre-history of a general system. The early – selective – study support system of the social democratic welfare state, 1939–1964".

21 August
Project meeting in Uppsala.

17-23 July
Conference session at ISA – XIX World Congress of Sociology ​in Toronto lead by Mikael Börjesson titled "Nordic Fields of Higher Education. Structures and Transformations of Organisation and Recruitment". At the conference, Agnete Vabø held the presentation "The Nordic Model of Higher Education Contested", Mikael Börjesson presented "Nordic Fields of Higher Education. Stable and Similar Social and Gender Structures across Time and Space" as well as "The Social and Credential Structure of the Elite Segment of Swedish Higher Education", Ylva Bergström spoke about "Sustainability, Higher Education of Civil Engineers and the Art of Social Engineering in Sweden" and Martin Gustavsson and Andreas Melldahl held the presentation "The Economic Lives of Students. the Relation between Economic and Educational Capital at Different Places in the Landscape of Swedish Higher Education".

12-13 July
Workshop at Stanford University titled "Stanford / Uppsala Collaboration on the Study of Research Universities", arranged together with Mitchell Stevens from SCANCOR.

30 May
Seminar in Uppsala where Astrid Collsiöö's dissertation plan was commented on by Ylva Bergström.

25 May
Thesis defence in Uppsala where Tobias Dalberg, with Per Wisselgren as opponent, successfully defended his dissertation Reaching the Pinnacle of Scholarship : Social, Educational and Professional Trajectories in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Sweden during the First Half of the 20th century.

23 May
Conference in the Humanities Theatre in Uppsala titled "En högre utbildning i "världsklass". Discipliner, professioner, institutioner", arranged by HERO, GFM and SHEFOE. Mikael Börjesson presented together with Tina Hedmo, Martin Gustavsson and Ola Agevall on the theme "Disciplins and institutions", and Linda Wedlin, Mikael Börjesson, Lars Engwall och Sharon Rider presented on the theme "Internationalisation".

22 May
Project meeting in Uppsala.

12-13 April
Conference at Sciences Po in Paris titled "Nordic Fields of Higher Education in International Comparison", arranged by Uppsala University together with the Universitety of Bergen, Sciences Po and NIFU. Ola Agevall and Gunnar Olofsson held the presentation "Understanding recent changes in the Swedish academic profession", during the session chaired by Mikael Börjesson he held the presentation "Nordic Fields of Higher Education" together with Tanja Askvik and Jens Peter Thomsen while Agnete Vabø, during the session she chaired, presented "Disciplinary differences in organising quality work" together with Mari Elken. Emil Bertilsson and Tobias Dalberg alongside several others presented "Higher education participation in the Nordic countries 1985-2010 – a comparative perspective", durin his session Martin Gustavsson presented "The pre-history of a general system. The early – selective – study support system of the social democratic welfare state, 1939–1964" and Andreas Melldahl held the presentation "The stratified use of a general system. The distribution of different modes of study financing in Swedish higher education, 1965–2015". Mikael Börjesson, Donald Broady, Brigitte Le Roux, Ida Lidegran and Mikael Palme finally presented "Cultural capital in the elite subfield of Swedish higher education".

8 March
Conference session lead by Mikael Börjesson titled "Sociology of Education II" at Sociologidagarna in Lund. Agnete Vabø presented on the theme "Swedish higher education organizations in transition", Mikael Börjesson held the presentation "Från bildningsvägar till biljett för inträde på arbetsmarknaden. Fristående kurs och yrkesprogram i den svenska högre utbildningen, 1977–2015", Astrid Collsiöö spoke about "Statsvetenskapliga studenters banor genom högre utbildning och mot arbetslivet" and Martin Gustavsson presented "Tre mål mat om dagen i tre år på Dagnys. Det äldre statliga studiestödssystemets organisering och social rekrytering av naturastipendiater i Uppsala 1939-1964".

7 March
Conference session lead by Mikael Börjesson titled "Sociology of Education I" at Sociologidagarna in Lund. Ola Agevall and Gunnar Olofsson held a presentation on "Universitetslärarprofessionen och det höre utbildningsfältets förändring 1980–2015".

23 January
Project meeting in Uppsala.

22 January
Workshop in Uppsala with the new Doctor Honoris Causa, Johan Heilbron, on the themet "Transnational Cultural exchange and Globalization, with discussions of ongoing research at Uppsala University on higher education and culture", arranged by HERO, SEC and SIHE.


29 November-1 December
Project meeting/boot camp in Uppsala.

9 November
Workshop in Uppsala titled "Higher Education and Research Administration", arranged by HERO and SUIT.

8 November
Final seminar in Uppsala for Tobias Dalberg with Ola Agevall as commentator on the draft of the dissertation Reaching the Pinnacle of Scholarship : Social, Educational and Professional Trajectories in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Sweden during the First Half of the 20th century.

8-9 November
Project meeting in Uppsala.

7 November
Conference titled "Studier av den högre utbildningens internationalisering", arranged by LIME and HERO in Uppsala in connection to the event Global Super Tuesday.

10-11 October
Project meeting in Uppsala.

5 September
Workshop titled "Higher Education as Research Object. Organization and Recruitment", arranged by the HERO-network together with Mitchell Stevens from SCANCOR, Stanford University, during his visit in Uppsala. 

28-30 August
Conference: Agnete Vabø participated at CHER 2017 in Jyväskylä.

25-26 April
Project meeting in Uppsala.

7-8 March
Project meeting in Uppsala.

23-25 February
Presentation: Mikael Börjesson, Tobias Dalberg and Donald Broady presented the chapter "A reversed order. Expansion and differentiation of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sweden 1945–2015" at the INTERCO-SSH Conference in Paris.

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