Programme and contents

Here we summon Programmes and contents from workshops and conferences.

Programme from SCORE workshop in Stockholm

University Management and the (Re)-Organisation of Academia:  Shifting  
Paradigms and Perspectives
Research Workshop, Stockholm Centre for Organisational Research 
Wednesday 10th October 2018


Welcome and Introduction 

9:15 –10:45 
Panel 1: ‘Under New Management: Autonomy, Governance and the  Decollegisation of the University’ (Chair:  Lambros Roumbanis) 

  1. Lars Engwall: ‘Governance of Present-Day Swedish Universities’ 
  2. Sharon Rider and Shirin Ahlback Öberg: ‘The Decollegialization of the Swedish University’ 
  3. Mikael Börjesson: Decollegialisation in the Swedish Field of Higher Education 

Discussants:  Martin Gustasson and Renita Thedvall 

Coffee Break 

Panel 2. ‘Marketisation, Privatisation and Entrepreneurship:  Universities in the Global Knowledge Economy’ (Chair: Mikael Börjesson) 

  1. Linda Wedlin: The Idea of Global Markets for Universities’ 
  2. Martin Gustavsson: ‘The funding of higher education in an era of rapid expansion. From state regulation to market orientation’  
  3. Daniele Cantini: ‘Managing a New Kind of University – Ethnographic insights from low-fees, for-profit new private universities in Egypt’ 

Discussants: Renita Thedval and Staffan Furusten 

12:30 – 1:45
Lunch (Stockholm Universitet, Faculty Club) 

1:45- 3:15
Panel 3: ‘Metrics, Management, Performance: Auditing Academia’ 
(Chair: Nick Lewis) 

  1. Lambros Roumbanis: ‘Research funding and the tragedy of the commons: some remarks on grant peer review, time waste, and anticipatory uncertainty’ 
  2. Nils Brunsson: ‘Governing by trust or output measures in higher education - and who is the governor?’ 
  3. Cris Shore: ‘“Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse”: Metricised Management, Peformativity and Perverse Incentives’ 

Discussants: Christina Garsten and Lars Engwall 

Coffee break 

3:40 - 4:40     
Panel 4: Managing Research and the Academic Mission  
(Chair: Daniele Cantini) 

  1. Staffan Furusten: ‘Exploring ideas or exploiting theories? The role of management and performance assessment in the construction of “relevant” research’ 
  2. Nick Lewis: ‘Reviewing the PBRF: Reimagining the collective and reinvigorating a collective imagination through a new academic entrepreneurialism’. 

Discussants:  Sharon Rider and Shirin Öberg 

4:40 – 5:00
General discussion / Concluding remarks 

6:00 pm      
Dinner in Stockholm at “Nybrogatan 38” (address: Nybrogatan 38 
114 40 Stockholm) 

Stanford/Uppsala Collaboration on the Study of Research Universities


 2018 Forum: 11-13 July 2018, all events in SCANCOR, CERAS 123, 520 Galvez Mall (unless otherwise specified) 

Thursday 12 July, from Stanford

Noon - 1 PM
Lunch / introductions 

1 - 3 PM
Presentations and discussion of Carta and the study of Stanford pathways. Mitchell Stevens, Stanford GSE, Brian Cook, Stanford Institutional Research and Decision Support, Andreas Paepcke, Stanford Computer Science 

Break / free time 

6 PM
Dinner at Pizzeria Delfina

Friday 13 July, From Uppsala 

8.30 - 9
Coffee and pastries in SCANCOR

9 - 9.20 
Mikael Börjesson: Short presentation of the research in Sociology of 
Education and in Higher Education at Uppsala University 

9.20 - 9.50 
Martin Gustavsson & Andreas Melldahl: ​From Selective to Universal. The 
Organization and Practice of Student Financial Aid in a Social-Democratic Welfare Regime, 1939-2009 

9.50 - 10.10
Mikael Börjesson & Tobias Dalberg: ​The Educational Offer at Uppsala 
University. From ​Bildung​ to Employability? 

10 - 10.20
Jennifer Waddling: ​Interdisciplinary Research Centres: Organization, 
Academic Careers and Disciplinary Belonging. Four Swedish Cases

10.20 - 10.40
Ylva Bergström: Sustainability, Higher Education of Civil Engineers and the Art of Social Engineering in Sweden 

10.40 - 11

11 - 11.20
Ashley Haru: Scholarly Intersections: A Mapping of Gender Studies Education and Research in Sweden 

11.20 - 11.40
Sara Lindberg: Preparing for Future Transnational Positions of Power: The College of Europe 

11.40 - 12.00 
Andreas Melldahl: Modes of Reproduction in the Swedish Economic Elite:Education Strategies of the Children of the Top One Percent 

12 - 12.45

12.45 - 1.30
Tobias Dalberg: ​Transformations in the Field of Humanities and Social 
Sciences in Sweden, 1930-1954: A Study of Career Trajectories and the Accumulation of Assets 

1.30 - 3.30
Open discussion re future Uppsala/Stanford joint ventures 

3.30 - 6
Break / free time 

6.00 PM
Dinner at Anatolian Kitchen

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