The project comprises four studies relating to the four themes of the project: organisation, financing, enrolment, and outcomes. For each area both a national and a local level will be examined. The separate studies will all contribute to the synthesis of the modern history of Swedish higher education.

I. Organisation. This study will produce in-depth knowledge about the transformations towards a more complex higher education landscape at both the national and local level.

II. Financing. This study on government funding of higher education will focus on both the development of funding schemes over time and the outcomes of these schemes.

​III. Enrolment. This study will capture changes in student enrolment within Swedish higher education over time, as well as map the overall structure of the entire national field at different points in time.

​IV. Outcomes. This study explores the relations between higher education and the labour market through one investigation of the overall patterns, and one of professions.

More detailed desciptions of the studies can be found in the preliminary Project Plan below. However, plans are prone to be modified during the course of a project.

SHEFOE Project Plan

Last modified: 2023-11-23